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Publication date: 2017-12-29 12:04.

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this is definitely my new favorite. I cannot stop smelling my arm every time I use it. It smells delicious and lasts ridiculously long on my skin compared to the other fragrances that I have.


I have bought this perfume in airport duty free shop. I have seen good reviews about amazing longevity and that was my main to try A*Man. I don't know is there something wrong with my skin or what ever, but the perfume don't last on my more than 7 hours. I have registered the code from the package on Muglers official site so I bet the perfume is not fake. I don't know why but on my skin last for whole day only Bvlgari Aqua and Versace Dylan Blue.


begang saya ini, booked kereta citra RS pada 65 apr, sales lady call saya pada Rabu tanya saya sama ada nak tukar ke GS, katanya dia dah book tapi tak ada RS bagi dari naza, tapi sebelum saya tempah, dia janji ada ready stok, sekarang, kereta lama dah jual tak ada kereta pakai ni betulkah citra RS ada stok lagi? tengok ada member dah tunggu sebulan pun tak ada kereta memang bengang lah i!!!! itu sales dealer main helah atau naza group yang main heleh untuk menaikan sales mereka ni???!!!

The first time I smelled this stuff I recoiled. It was WAY too sweet, drying down to a caramel note. Why would anyone want to smell like this?, I wondered.

Then, many moths later, I gave it a chance and tried it on an arm. Hmmmm. I could get to like this. Does my wife like it? Yes, she does. Hmmm.

Finally, I wore it for a day. What can I say? It grew on me.

I like it and understand it now. Would I buy myself a bottle of it? Probably not. If somebody gave me a bottle would I wear it? Sure! But I like the Pure Malt flanker (which I own) more.

One last note: It a field of weak fragrances which last for a few hours then are gone, this stuff has outstanding longevity a real throw back to the 6985's. I appreciate that.

I have got Pure Malt and Ultra Zest in my collection, both of which I love. Today I got an unexpected sample from Mugler's 'The Circle', this original A*Men. Upon spraying this, I started gagging. That has never happened to me before with a fragrance, and I love sweet scents. This one is way too sweet with a huge dose of tar. Absolutely horrendous! I can't see how people enjoyed this one. It is unique though, and I can appreciate that. It did start the Pure line, where you can find something to your liking, so that's a plus. The projection and longevity are great as well. Definitely sample before buying, this is a polarizing scent and not for everyone. I will stick with some of it's flankers instead.

However,this fragrance used to be a long lasting!yesterday i bought a new rubber refillable bottle but nothing is the same like anyone know if this is really reformulated??if it true,it's a pitty.

Terima kasih Pak Imam sebelumnya untuk Jawabannya.
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terima kasih pak Imam.

hi.. system masih down ke? tumpang tanya.. klu nie is my first time register br6m.. boleh x dpt? br6m yg 6st time i x register.. baru nak register yg nie.. is tht ok?

Waduh..Nisa..perhitungan klaim seperti ini hanya bisa diuraikan oleh Average Adjusters ha..ha tapi kalau mau coba menghitung silakan buka panduannya di 8775 A Guide to General Average by Richards Hoggs Lindley Limited 8776 silakan download di sini

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