Prabowo dan jokowi kurang peduli pada nasib bpjs

Indonesian elections: Losing candidate Prabowo Subianto to

Publication date: 2018-02-05 02:28.

On Monday my colleague Kate Lamb filed this excellent primer giving five reasons why today's election in the world's largest Muslim-majority country is an event of global significance.


[ ] people who steal the people’s money, commit fraud, engage in slander and so on. As Liam Gammon argues, “it says something about his frame of mind that the only time he gets so worked up as to lose [ ]

Prabowo's dog-whistling - New Mandala

? He stood out even in Gus Dur 8767 s chaotic administration as the most incompetent minister for defence Indonesia has ever known. He was,of course, a comrade in arms of Alwi Shihab, impresario par excellence of the export of unskilled and readily exploitable labour to the Middle East. Another defender of the rakyat?


The losing candidate in Indonesia's presidential election, ex-general Prabowo Subianto, is to challenge the result in the Constitutional Court.

Prabowo Subianto's supporters says the international community should hold off from congratulating the new leader until due process is complete.

Despite this, Prabowo and the Red and White Coalition had the government where they wanted it. In November, Jokowi was forced to finally act to end the stalemate between the two coalitions. In what was to be the first of several moves to confer with his former rival, the president called a meeting with Prabowo. The coalition leaders agreed to a “peace pact”, or rapprochement, which included handing over some heads of committee positions to Jokowi’s coalition.

Liam Gammon is a PhD candidate at the Department of Political and Social Change in the Australian National University's Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs.

Not only has the electability of his contender Prabowo been significantly increasing, but Islamic parties 8767 aggressive mobilization of support for him cannot be underestimated.

8775 It’s important that foreigners tempted to see Prabowo as the leader Indonesia needs understand just how different these two personas are, and ponder which one will come to the fore if Prabowo is elected president 8776

High rates of illiteracy in some parts of the country mean that voters are asked to make a mark beside photographs of the candidates, rather than just their names and parties.

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