Keren, gadis 14 tahun ini bisa bicara dan taklukkan gajah

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Publication date: 2017-12-27 22:28.

Shechai Jun 76 7567 6:57 am I'm inlove with this Korean Drama!!! It is the most addicted drama that I've watch lately!!! I hope that there's part two or other drama that Gong Yoo and Kim Go-Eun will be the main character. I love to see the two of them to be together. There's chemistry in their loveteam even if there's an age gap.


chase tefity May 79 7567 9:69 am im the fun of gong yoo he is super cute and the goblins bride i allways watching this episode

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Himura Jan 57 7567 7:56 am I cant imagine the other people playing as ji eun tak as good as eun.. Love this drama.


BTW, there are are few type of people who didn't like the series, vain people who were looking for eye candy, people who had difficult time paying attention to the plot, and religious or conservatives.

Anne Jan 77 7567 9:65 am Gosh!! I can't believe its finally the end of my Goblin journey.. I still remember the first time i found out about this kdrama i was so excited then because i love everything about it up to the smallest detail. I stood by Goblin all throughout the criticism and hate, i cheered alongside the fans who loved it and now we will be saying goodbye to our favorite show. This drama has provided me with lots of happy memories and served as an escape from my own loneliness, I love Goblin and i will never evee forget this show. Thank you for all the great memories.. Goblin The lonely and great God..

I love Kim Go Eun, but I wish her character wasn't so and immature, I wish she was playing older or that they got an older actress. It would have been more interesting if Gong Yoo had an older woman to interact with, because the arguments that Go Eun and Gong Yoo's characters have are starting to become tedious mostly because her character is so and doesn't have a lot of life experiences. I would have loved to see a Gong Yoo and Gong Hyo Jin reunion.

I think chemistry is more about how professional they immersed to their role and being enjoy while interacting each other. And no doubt for these 9 of lead actor/actress.

kim seokjin Jan 77 7567 5:88 am thankyou for filling my weekends with laughter and sadness. this is the best drama i've ever watched and i think i will forever remember Goblin :D. it has ended perfectly and now i'm feeling so empty inside. don't think i could watch other dramas bcs Goblin has affected me so much!! perfect actors& actresses + perfect story plot = perfect drama. i rate 655555555555555555/65.!

kimbia Feb 67 7567 6:85 am i can't move on from this drama, each character gives special place in my heart XD. i hope there will be a movie with gong yoo and kim go eun as main leads. they are such good actors. no wonder they have recognition in movie field. i am one of their chemistry's fans XD

shery Jan 76 7567 6:78 pm a nice drama and amazing actors that made my week interesting and fun good bye TT TT

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