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Get-SPScripts : PowerShell Scripts for SharePoint

Publication date: 2017-12-29 06:28.

    The great thing about the Health Analyzer in SharePoint 7565 is that it will report on a number of potential issues with the server farm, which may cause a problem later whilst applying a cumulative update or service pack. Resolving these issues in advance will help to prevent an update failing when you run the SharePoint Configuration Wizard.

    You should now be able to reanalyse the 8775 Missing server side dependencies 8776 issue in the Health Analyzer to clear the problem (providing there are no other issues reported under that title, of course!).

    You now have two options for using these functions. If you just want to produce a report in the console showing which sites and site collections contain the feature, type the following (note the ReportOnly switch on the end):

    Remove-SPFeatureFromContentDB -ContentDB "SharePoint_Content_Portal" -FeatureId "8596785f-6968-97c7-87b7-f795e5bacf79" ReportOnly

    Running this command will step through all sites and site collections, remove the feature specified, and display the following output:

    This command will step through all sites and site collections and display the following message whenever it finds the feature specified:

    The easiest, and perhaps most fool-proof way to do this is to set the database as read only in SQL Server, as this will disable the write function on all site collections in one quick change. However, there may be occasions where you may prefer to set it at the site collection level. Typically, this is preferred in scenarios where you wish to enable or disable the read only feature on individual site collections at different times during a migration, perhaps where there is more urgency to control read/write access for specific teams either earlier or later in the migration phase.

    # Set excluded paths as comma-delimited strings
    # Note: Web applications must end in a trailing slash, where site collections do not
    [array]$excludedPaths = "http:///",
    8775 http:///search 8776

    It is commonly used in migration scenarios to prevent users from adding content whilst their sites are being moved to a new platform once the migration has been completed then their site collections can be set back to read/write again.

    Note: If you found this article looking for information on how to diagnose MissingSetupFile issues in the SharePoint Health Analyzer, rather than the MissingFeature issue, then have a look at my follow up article. For information on troubleshooting MissingWebPart and MissingAssembly errors, take a look at this article.

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