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Allure Pour Homme Chanel cologne - a fragrance for men 1999

Publication date: 2017-12-29 11:16.

allure has a great woodsy vanilla drydown and its a semi chypre masculine edgy cologne with a unique smelling base

if u want to get attention this is the way to go

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Allure today is unrecognizable. First off, the liquid seems diluted, it used to have a bit more color. The opening is dull and it dies within an hour as if nothing was there. Vintage allure used to be RICH and captivating, and it used to LAST!

I first received this gem as a gift from a close friend and relative. I remember the night she handed it to me exclaiming, "this is what a man should smell like!" She was right unfortunately, I was a novice to fragrances so I took it for granted. I never thought Chanel would actually tamper with something that perfect.

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fruity flowery musky and strong enough to send me to heaven and back.
j'adore this fragrance no more to be said.

this will forever find itself in my perfume wardrobe.

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Allure by Chanel is a beautiful combination of vanilla, citrus and fruit. The first spray is very light and sweet and the dry down is very soft and warm (vanilla/citrus). Perfect for the hot summer months. Allure has lots of class and is perfect for the office or a daytime get together. It lasts a very long time on me 6-7 hours.

For me this is class in a bottle. Smells awesome, when ya have it on it makes you feel fancy. Great smell, might be my very favorite fragrance but I cant wear it all the time, I have to be a little dressed up, my scent has to go to with my outfit and most of the time I'm not dressed nicely enough. If I wore a suit to work I would wear this every day.

/65 in my book, worth the price for sure

This to me is an epitome of the word perfume! It smell classy and luxurious! It is an all-rounder suitable for all occasions. Day and night. Compliment getter.

Thanks for giving out this information, and through a useful video format Aap kayhal rakhna.
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Really well balanced, smells like an aromatic candle I had in my apartment that I loved and I've been chasing this smell for years. I was so happy when I found this perfume, it makes me smell like that great candle.

Score: 95%
Proverbs 77:9

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