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KFC Menu Prices UK - Price List 2018 (updated)

Publication date: 2017-12-31 10:28.

John, your last sentence sums up why it is unlikely KFC would adopt Halal or Kosher chicken usage in any places other than those with high concentrations of people with a certain religious belief, since many/most chicken farms rear their livestock in exactly the opposite conditions to those required or preferred by a Muslim in order to maximise profit and turnover. A chicken lives just 78 days from hatching before slaughter in the well established intensive farming game. Those that live longer, are more expensive both to rear and to market.

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Please feel free to contact us in case you see any prices that are incorrect in the KFC menu price list. We can change the KFC menu prices accordingly, so we all benefit.

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KFC has always been a treat for me even as a child. Every time I came home on leave I 8767 d treat my family to a massive KFC dinner but to see you are surviving HALAL butchered meat has disgusted me! It is a disgrace to bow down to a cult that 8767 s hell bent on destroying our race and culture!

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It 8767 s gonna be interesting what Brexit will do to the prices of the big restaurant brands all over Britain. The Pound has dropped and not alle ingredients that are being used in the restaurants are available in the UK. Some has to be imported.

I have found the staff at your Witbank Retail City branch (especially the cashiers at the drive thru window) to be extremely incompetant. I believe that they lack training and tell customers what they assume to be correct with total disregard to any objections. Some of them need to be reminded to greet at times. I ordered the crunch combo today and was told that I will not get a coldrink as the fountain was out of order. I tried to reason with the cashier and she insisted on charging me the full amount for the combo and an additional amount for a buddy coke. Luckily I had the common sense to ask for the manager at the collections window who agreed that the fountain issue was not my problem.

Kfc knows that there are British people, not 8766 come over 8767 from abroad but actually British that are prepared to, and will only buy, 8766 halal 8767 food. That 8767 s why kfc is going 8766 halal 8767 , it 8767 s all about money. Personally, I no longer eat 8766 halal 8767 meat exclusively as it isn 8767 t really halal, it would cost them too much money to take care of the animals in the right way. Organic and halal is the way to go. The real halal method is kindest to animals but of course all the BS tabloids don 8767 t tell you that because they all love being haters.

Tell us about your shopping experience at KFC.. I ve been at KFC and all other resturents who sell fried chicken and to tell the truth KFC is always in my mind it really leave me with fingers lickin good imgcaaaaaaaa!

We 8767 ve updated the prices again for KFC to give you the most recent pricing. Fall season is almost starting and the restaurant has updated their prices. We 8767 ve made another round in Britain to see what changes they made to their price lists.

KFC have got a brand new bucket, the £65 Double Bucket, more more

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