Bebas penyakit dengan cara menjaga kesehatan tubuh yang tepat


Publication date: 2017-12-29 00:04.

For many users, tuning the basic options I mentioned in the previous section will be sufficient for their applications. However, for larger applications or applications which just require larger heap sizes these options may not be sufficient. If your Tomcat installation fits this profile then you ll want to take one further step and tune the collector.

Apache Tomcat 8 and Java 7: Will They Work Together

Jakarta, - Security menjadi fungsi organisasi dan management yang penting di dalam management Astra. Dibutuhkan bekal pendidikan yang mumpuni serta beragam ketrampilan kesigapan. Untuk menyemangati dan memberikan dukungan bagi komunitas Security Astra, PT Astra International Tbk menyelenggaraka acara Astra Competition 7567 yang berlangsung selama 69 Maret &ndash 7 April 7567.


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Performance Tuning the JVM for Running Apache Tomcat

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Java 7 is still in its first release, and no performance tests have been made on Tomcat 7 as of yet. Also, there has been at least one high profile bug in an Apache project, an issue with the Lucene project that Java 7 caused problems with index corruption and crashing. I have also noticed some SSL issues when using Java 7 with CLIENT-CERT authentication that I haven t had a chance to dig into yet. While certainly we can expect bugs like this to be fixed and performance to improve in the long run, before Tomcat 8 is available, it is recommended that you stay away from Java 7 in production for a little while longer, or that if you do embrace it, be sure to do extensive testing before releasing any mission-critical applications.

Simulasi penyelamatan juga disarankan oleh Setyo Mulyanto, Direktur Corporate Administration PT Sigap Prima Astrea. Menurutnya, dengan mengikuti simulasi, masyarakat jadi tahu harus bertindak bagaimana saat bencana terjadi.

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