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Burberry Brit for Men Burberry cologne - a fragrance for

Publication date: 2018-01-02 06:28.

Very wonderful woody platform. Romantic and soft with a touch of spice. Great longevity. You would receive comments as well.

Startup is just like green tangerine: sour sweet. The heart notes lead to a fresh powdery platform, while the base notes end up with a wonderful woody level, resembling a bit like a classic wooden pencil smell, which I love it indeed.

For Dior Homme lovers, it would also be an interesting choice, and vice versa.

The price is pretty convenient, considering such a brand, scent, quality and lasting power.

Eternity For Men Calvin Klein cologne - a fragrance for

This for me is the best example to use when i talk about how reformulations can not only kill classics, but destroy everything that was good left in the memory of that scent. Eternity was THE perfume to use when you're gonna meet chicks or go on a hot intimate date-they practically keep coming closer to feel the comforting smell of Eternity. Nowadays, not even the hooker you're banging can smell this. What a huge fall from grace for such a great perfume. This is not only sad, its a tragedy. This really had the potential to transcend eras and trends, but fell way short because of corporate greed for maximizing profits by diluting the alot cK!

The best way I can explain this one is a light fresh metallic tropical citrus and berry fragrance that lingers around you and lasts quite a long time. The scent itself is remarkably good. Sharp but soft if that makes sense. Sillage is a step above moderate but not heavy as it is more airy on the nose rather than thick and longevity is around 6 hours. I can not speak on the reformulated version as I have a vintage splash bottle.

Wore this through most of high school, and it still gets me. The tonka bean really fires up the ginger and nutmeg which to me is what really makes this perfume prominent- plus in any weather you can smell it on yourself and it just makes ya smile, its hot!

This is a fragrance! Goes with everything. Can be for any age group. I dont smell the rose in it but I sence the baby powder but with more of an oriental woody and gourmand mix. Love all fragrances with Tonka Bean. It makes things warm and sweet and masculine. The ultimate when mixed with woods.

A short lived close to the skin frag, which is lovely, creamy and manly.

I applied 6 heavy sprays

5-85 mins - 7 inch projection. A creamy, deboniar, smooth frag for the classy, mild gent. Ages 88-57. Nice and snug and will make your man all dreamy, but you will have to get up close to him,.but I guess that's the point..lol

85 mins - 8 hours - Close to skin, smooth and mellow

Cute'n'cudly for the mid-mature man

I recently bought this for a cheap price at Ross. I smelled it years ago and thought it was to gingery. I must not have tried on my skin because it smells beautifully handsome on me. Burberry Britt is a strong ginger and rose scent. It is powdery but it is not as powdery as most of these reviews are saying. I was suckered in by the elegant bottle and the smell of the rose. It is very rosy but it is a masculine rose. All of the other fragrance notes put it together very well and it definitely makes you think of being in Britain

Smells like a floral and spicy scented baby powder, the person I used to date liked this one on my skin, I think it made her think of babies but not just babies more like making babies sorry if that's tmi but just being honest. I think this is a nice fall fragrance that is comforting and very subtle. It smells clean and fresh out of the shower. All ages can pull this one off.

I really like this one. It reminds me of Habit Rouge Guerlain for men in a better (more way. Elegant classy and it stays all day on me without offending anyone.

Very good smell (and nothing I used before - it's new to my taste.)

In one word. "TALC" but in a good pleasant way

Overall: 8/65

flowery and fruity ,stronger than most Calvin Klein offerings.
this fragrance is something different compared to most modern scents

love it

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