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Publication date: 2018-02-15 00:04.

[ ] an old book? Jump to Comments This project came from Lindsay, over at her amazing blog. Her tutorial was very simple to follow, and I love the result! Now I just [ ]

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Awesome! what I was looking for. I love the easy button and it looks like you have made an overwhelming project look easy and doable. Your directions/photos are spot on. I can 8767 t wait to give this a only negative I can think of is that I agree with the other post that you should have pre-washed your fabrics and the sheets.

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Thanks for saying it was easy! I def want to try it this week but, was wondering if it was going to be easy to follow. =)

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I am just curious is it really necessary to cut the batting 6 inch smaller, is there a particular reason. Don 8767 t get me wrong when you sew the material with 6/9 inch seam the batting will not have any stitch on it and if you stitch it 6inch on the sides of the material then the finished product will be 9 8798 square. Hope you reply.

My quilt was a hit at my sisters shower and I have orders for more. I 8767 m having a hard time figuring out pricing any ideas how to figure pricing??

Love love love this tutorial because in my world, you can 8767 t give me too many pictures when I 8767 m learning to make something. 🙂 Thank you. Connected via Pinterest.

You could not give librarians and eco-friends a heart attack by buying a paperback book from the library book sale for about 75 cents and using that. 🙂

When you use the middle and bottom out of flannel sheets do you cut those in squares or do you leave them one piece thank you

Thanks so much for this wonderful tutorial I ve never tried pillows like this before and it was so straightforward! I m going to make a heap of them 🙂
I had just finished a baby room collection with a quilt and bunting and now I have a lovely pillow in matching fabric!
Wonderful stuff, thank you for sharing.
ais x

[ ] followed this tutorial exactly.  I didn 8767 t sew the blanket, so I think it would be better for you if you checked [ ]

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