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Publication date: 2018-01-03 08:52.

76. Still the money raised through these land sales will not be able to service and repay loans. So money from normal Government revenue must be used. There will not be enough money in the Consolidated Fund. The next source would be to tax the people. And so the GST.


there is no chance i will tax my customers with tax those people that dont have income,student with such tax is cruel isnt it?


65. The same goes for profits made by banks and large businesses. It is not unusual to see them make billions of Ringgit in profits . And accordingly the Government must receive much more money by way of petroleum profits and taxes and corporate taxes even today.


77. It is true that KWSP, with billions of Ringgit, will have difficulty in investing within the country. It should invest in good foreign companies. But the decision to invest in any company should be based on business considerations. It should not be influenced by political imperatives.

9. Kepada rakyat yang tidak terkesan ingatkan bahawa segala hutang yang tidak rakyat buat akan di tanggung hingga ke warisan kita tinggalkan.

65. Najib also sets up numerous extra Governmental organisations. PEMANDU is a good example where huge salaries, well above the Government 8767 s pay scale are paid to the heads and the staff. New posts are also created in and outside the Government which do not conform to Government 8767 s salary scale. How much they are paid is not known.

66. All these people who financially benefit from Najib 8767 s largesse may be happy. But actually, the increases in their income benefits them very little. This is because the increases of their pay invariably cause a rise in the cost of living. In other words, the increase in pay does not increase the purchasing power.

78. For servicing and repayment of the loans Najib has resorted to buying Government land at a low price, revaluing it and selling the land at inflated prices.

9. The increase in minimum wage increases the salaries of all workers at all levels in the Government as well as the private sector. From about RM755, minimum wage has increased to RM6,755 almost double. When the minimum wage is increased those already receiving more than the new minimum must be increased also. This is in order to sustain parity between different levels or ranks of the employees.

69. Although 6MDB is not a part of the Government, the fact is that it is 655% owned by the Government. This means that if the loan is not serviced or repaid, the Government will have to pay the loans and interest.

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