Parfum baru ini berbau seperti pemadam kebakaran

Restoration Beauty: Rain Gutter Bookshelves

Publication date: 2017-12-31 16:04.

Clean ,fresh, citrusy stuff , obvious yet subtle. The Bergamot is the one thing I get straight away as well as remnants of wood. A classic scent, goes great with a suit. I like it.

Eternity Calvin Klein perfume - a fragrance for women 1988

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I can't give an impartial judgment to this one: one of my closest friends used to wear it, so every time i smell it, i think of that person))anyway, there's hardly any one who is not familiar with this frag: it's very flowery and one must be very careful not to overdo with it, otherwise it gets unbearable)
if using just a little bit - it gets magnificent, kinda sweet and fresh))I actually got many complements by wearing this frag my ex-boyfriend was crazy about it!


i love this, i always have

why i love this so much iv come to realise it smells like me.. me, as in iv had a shower and walked to the letterbox and back..
so my review is: has a clean feel yet a sweet smell of sweat. an fragrance that is not overpowering nor offensive. truly is a fragrance for everyday.
over what feels like 65n years (it could quite honestly be more than that) i have always had a bottle of this in my bathroom i only ever stray from this perfume on weekends/nights out

This is a clean classy scent for men that drives the ladies wild in the USA. I think it has a warm inviting scent that lasts 9-6 hours staying power. My only down side comment is that once you start wearing it, it disappears so always keep a spare bottle in your drawer.

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a romantic perfume made of carnation,lily,lilies of the sandal wood,rose and green note is noticible as 's floral,green,woody,romantic,feminine and it last!

This is a classic example of how sometimes love wears out, when many best options are out there. [and that can apply to many things -)]
I am wearing it today after at least a year, and I have an older batch big bottle close to end, that still keeps the real scent, I think this has been reformulated as well since I also have the silver bottle of the 75th anniversary and it smells different.
I think this is a good cologne in general, that had its glorious years, but now is time to let go.

I agree that it is a little dull, but there is something in the mix that compensates for that. It is still definitelyt one of my favorites, I'm not into eternity moments as much, it smells a little generic.

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