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John B. Watson (1878–1958) - Popularizing Behaviorism, The

Gary-I enjoyed your comments the most. Was the last paragraph yours or from another source? Either way, that's really something to think about. I've always wondered if everyone has "some form of psychopathic tendencies". Thanks for your input and insight, this will help me greatly on my class assignment:)

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Hi, Thank you for your pin! Its a great idea! I have a couple questions about the rain gutters.
First, Did they cut the gutters for you at Home Depot/Lowe s? If yes, was there a charge to do so?
Secondly, Your post said that you used plastic gutters. Is that the same as vinyl?
And last, Do you think I could paint the gutters?
I would greatly appreciate your input and as I imagine you are quite busy if you do not have time to answer all of my questions could you please answer at least the 6st question? It would be incredibly helpful!!
Thank you so much!!

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